2018 Tourino de Pedroni Winner

Fairbanks--On May 20, 2018, the Pioneers engaged in the second annual Tourino di Pedroni (Pedroni Tournament in honor of Felix Pedro) hosted by Pike's Waterfront Lodge.

Photo Captions

  1. Pioneers anxiously watch as members of their respective igloos play in elimination rounds.
  2. Women's Igloo competitors, Marilyn Nigro (L) and Susan Gibson (R) watch intensely as judge, Wanda Huber (C) measures the distance from the balls to the pallino.
  3. PJ Gesin (L) and Rodger Hopp (C) measure the throws of competitors, Robin McDougall (F) and Frank McGilvary (R).
  4. Pioneers watching the competition. (R -L) Pam Lambert, Jay Schikora, Jacki Fritz, Bill Chace and Rose Rybachek (walking).
  5. (L) Annie Colp, winner of the Grand Trophy. (R) Finalists for their respective Igloos, Annie Colp and PJ Gesin.
  6. Award Winners: (L-R) Robin McDougall, Frank McGilvary, Rodger Hopp, Roy Wilbur, Jay Schikora, Annie Colp, Brenda Wilbur, Wanda Huber, Susan Gibson and Gail Stack.

Photos courtesy of Joan Skilbred and Wynola Possenti.

The Bocce tournament pitted the Fairbanks Men's Igloo against the Women's with 32 individual contestants vying for the Grand Trophy. Sixteen men and sixteen women competed in their respective Igloos in elimination brackets until there were winners for each Igloo.

Winning the right to compete against each other were Annie Colp for the women and P.J. Gesin for the men. With intensity never before seen, the two competitors fought for a year's worth of bragging rights for their respective Igloos and an engraved spot on the tournament trophy. The winner was Annie Colp for Women's Igloo No. 8, continuing the winning streak for the women. Once engraved with the winner's name and Igloo, the trophy will be displayed with pride for members of the Men's Igloo to envy until the tournament is reconvened next year.

In addition to the main tournament trophy, were several smaller awards to participants which included "Worst Italian Accent", "Most Humble", "Mr. and Mrs./Ms. Congeniality", "Best Victory Dance", "Best Felix and Mary Pedro Costumes", "Best Excuse for a Bad Throw", and "Most Fun".

Well attended, the Pioneers enjoyed a breakfast, tournament and late Italian lunch as guests of Jay Ramras, owner of Pike's Riverfront Lodge. The day was hosted in appreciation for the history nuggets and photos used in signage at the Lodge to impart the colorful history of some of Fairbanks' most interesting early pioneering residents.

Stop by Pike's Waterfront Lodge when you have a chance. Walk the property and take the time to read the signs about our fascinating history. Pioneers of the losing team may want to stay around long enough to practice for next year's Tourino di Pedroni.

If you see Jay, a fellow Pioneer, be sure to thank him for graciously hosting the event.

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