2019 Pioneer Calendars for Sale

Fairbanks—Women's Igloo No. 8 now has 2019 Pioneer Calendars for sale at $20 each. Sold as a fundraiser for the Igloo, they make great gifts. There are three fun designs made in a historical style that evoke images of a bygone era:

The Strong Woman Calendar
The Cat Calendar
Then and Now Calendar

The Strong Woman
features a colorized image of a female Russian trapeze artist from the 1870s showing off a very impressive bicep. All the Pioneer Women’s Igloos in the State of Alaska are listed.

The Caterpillar Calendar
features the Valdez Goldrush CanCan Girls posing with Jim Gibertoni’s fully restored Model Fifteen Gas Cat, the only fully restored Caterpillar in Alaska. It was also one of the first three sold by Northern Commercial Company in Fairbanks.

Then & Now Calendar
features a morphed image of Fairbanks taken in 1904 with a drone image taken in 2018. An image of an original Golden Heart Sticker is also prominently displayed.

The calendars are on sale now through the end of January and can be purchased with a check. Cost is $20 per calendar + $10 shipping for 2 or less calendars. Send checks to:

POA Women's Igloo No. 8
PO Box 70656
Fairbanks, AK 99707-0656

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