A Manley Title

The first Homestead patent granted in the Interior region of Alaska was for a well-known piece of real estate, both then and today.

Fairbanks Daily Times – December 18, 1915

Hot Springs Woman Gets Clear Title to Valuable Property.

Signed and sealed by the President of the United States, the patent for the homestead of Mrs. Cordelia Karshner arrived in Fairbanks Thursday afternoon in the mail from the States. Mrs. Karshner succeeded in getting the title to the property without great difficulty. In secur­ing the patent at this time, Mrs. Karshner has the distinction of be­ing the first person in the Fourth judicial division to get a patent on a homestead.

The Karshner homestead is partic­ularly valuable, in that it contains the hot springs at which F. G. Manley built a beautiful hotel a few years ago. The hotel has since been destroyed by fire. Should In­terior Alaska become thickly pop­ulated, as it is expected that it will someday, the hot springs will be particularly valuable as a health re­sort.

The application for the patent and all papers pertaining to it were prepared through the office of H. A. Day, while the notice, required by law, was published in the Times.

Note: Cordelia Karshner was a member and historian of the Pioneer Women of Alaska, a precursor to today’s Women’s Igloo No. 8. She was well known in both Fairbanks and Manley Hot Springs where her husband is buried on the hillside above the town. Cordelia is buried in the old Clay St. Cemetery in Fairbanks. It is amazing that the first Homestead patent was granted to a female resident and that it was signed by President Wilson. This certifiable history nugget was brought you by Men’s Igloo No. 4 and Women’s Igloo No. 8 of the Pioneers of Alaska.

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