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Prospective Members

We'd love for you to become a member of the Pioneers of Alaska. To become a member, there are certain qualifications and procedures to be followed:


  1. You must be a man or woman of good moral character who is a citizen of the United States of America; who is a legal resident of Alaska and have been a physically domiciled resident in the State for at least seven months of each of the previous twenty accumulative years; and who is physically domiciled in the State at least seven months prior to submitting your application.
  2. Provide two (2) individuals as references who can verify your length of residency.
  3. You must be sponsored by two (2) current members in good standing of the igloo to which you are applying for membership.


  1. Fill out an Application for Membership but do not sign it, yet. Make a copy, then sign and date both applications after the copy has been made. Both copies must have your original signature.
  2. It is essential to include a reasonably complete biographical sketch on the back of the application, continued, if necessary, on a separate sheet. Among other things, this information is often the basis for the individual history.
  3. The optional Generation History of Alaskan Pioneers form should also be submitted in duplicate along with your application. It is a supplement to your biography. This history should cover relatives who have lived in Alaska. The front side of the family story page is a sample family tree. If you are the first generation of your family to reside in Alaska, then you (and your spouse) should head the generation form, followed by your children and their spouses, etc.
  4. Your application needs to be endorsed and dated by two (2) active members of the Igloo; male members for initiates in Men's Igloo No. 4 or female members for initiates into Women's Igloo No. 8. Both copies must have original signatures.
  5. Include a check or money order in the amount of $110 which pays the initiation fee + first year's membership dues. This is the current fee and membership dues for both the Men's and Women's Igloos and must be included with your application for membership. The initiation fee includes a member name tag. Annual dues for both igloos per calendar year thereafter are $35.
  6. Submit both signed and endorsed copies of the application with your check or money order to the Pioneers' Office or ask your sponsor(s) to deliver your application to a meeting or to the Recording Secretary.

Your application will be read to the membership and will be voted on. You will be notified by a Pioneer officer regarding your acceptance and initiation once the application process has been completed.

At least one of your sponsors must be present for  the reading and for your initiation.

Business meetings are held the first Monday of every month.

Membership Application Packet

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