Delta Pioneer Excursions

Delta, Saturday, July 7, 2018—Delta Women’s Igloo No. 19 and Men’s Igloo No. 35 hosted the second annual Delta Pulled Buffalo BBQ. Pioneers from around state were invited to converge on Delta for the event and several from the Fairbanks Igloos attended. Some, who are also members of the Fairbanks Northern Lights Antique Auto Club, drove or trailored their antique vehicles to display their finery.

On a beautiful day, the feast of pulled buffalo BBQ, buffalo hamburgers, hot dogs, all the trimmings, and dessert were enjoyed by Pioneers from multiple Igloos, many Delta residents and a few tourists who had never tasted buffalo.

This event was on the tails of the annual Tanana Chief Dinner Cruise in Fairbanks, hosted by the Delta Igloos on June 24. On a lovely evening, about 50 Pioneers from Delta and Fairbanks enjoyed sectacular scenery, delectable food, and the Pioneer hospitality of Rodger Burggraf and his crew.

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