Pioneer Day at Chena Hot Springs

Chena Hot Springs—Fairbanks Pioneers embarked on a outing to Chena Hot Springs Resort as the guests of the owners, Bernie and Connie Karl on Sunday, August 19, 2018. With most of the Pioneers boarding a coach sent for the occasion, departure for the event was at 9 am heading for the event that coincided with the 13th Annual Renewable Energy Fair which focused on zero waste.

The Springs were abuzz with activity, tours, displays, musical entertainment, presentations and speeches. The keynote speakers included Keith Meyer, CEO of Alaska Gasline Development Corporation; Stefan Larson-Mastonstrale, CEO of Inresol and Governor Bill Walker. Two of the displays were the Chevy Bolt EV and Tesla Model 3 electric cars, both of which were able to charge up at the new electric car power stations now available at the resort.

Lunch was provided and a dip in the pool was offered to any Pioneer who wished to take the plunge in the warm waters on a chilly day. For those brave enough to weather 24 degree F temps, there were tours of the Ice Museum along with the opportunity to imbibe in delicious signature Appletinis poured into ice glasses at the Aurora Ice Bar inside the museum.

The day ended with the return trip and exhausted Pioneers.

Pioneers Pat Babcock and Hazel Daro enjoy an Appletini from a martini glass made of ice.

Pioneers Pat Babcock and Hazel Daro enjoy an Appletini from martini glasses made of ice.

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