Pioneer Honored

Kathleen "Mike" Dalton
Mike Dalton (R) with her daughter Libby (L), who is holding the beautiful jade plaque awarded to Mike for her twenty-four years of service on the Pioneer Memorial Park Board.

On April 19, 2018 Kathleen “Mike” Dalton was awarded a beautiful jade plaque by her fellow Pioneer Memorial Park Board members who went to her home for the special presentation. They were George Lounsbury, Donna Krier, Linda Conley, and Pat Doogan.

In addition to the board members was Mike’s daughter Libby Dalton-Slane who was there with her mother for the occa- sion.

Mike was the Tanana Yukon Historical Society appointee to the Museum Board and represented both that organization as well as the Pioneers for many years. When she announced her retirement from the museum board, her fellow board members felt that she should be made an honorary trustee and had the jade plaque made to make it official.

This is a great honor for a pioneer who has worked hard for the benefit of us all.

The plaque says:

Kathleen “Mike” Dalton

With gratitude and appreciation for 24 years of service to Pioneer Memorial Park, Inc., we hereby bestow the title of Trustee Emeritus to Kathleen “Mike” Dalton. She has been our colleague, mentor, communicator, historian, volunteer, role model, and friend with an incredible memory of all things Pioneer and Alaska history. Her can-do attitude to projects has greatly benefitted the Pioneers and Pioneer Museum and the State of Alaska. Her statewide interviews or early Pioneers are available for sharing Alaska’s history. She served as an officer of Pioneer Auxiliary #8 for years and was the inspiration and coordinator behind the 1998 Dawson Grand Igloo convention.”

Presented by the PMP, Inc; Board in April 2018.

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