Spring Cleaning FunDrive Success

April 27, 2019, Fairbanks, AK—Only a couple of days after a winter storm with snow, hail and rain, the skies cleared and the sun came out. And, so did the Pioneers of Alaska Fairbanks, bringing bags and boxes of donations for our first ever Spring Cleaning FunDrive. 

Members dropped off long-accumulated donations from their closets, drawers and garages. Rumor has it, there were items under beds, in sheds, back rooms and unused bedrooms as well. Several members came early and stayed to help with the drive by providing nourishment, assisting with the loading and unloading of contributions and to enjoy the camaraderie in the appreciated sunshine. 

By the time the 8-hour drive was completed, the 15 ft. U-Haul truck rented for the event was nearly filled and a caravan consisting of the U-Haul, a loaded trailer and two very full pick-up trucks proceeded to the local Value Village store that partnered with the Pioneers for the fundraiser. After everything was offloaded, weighed and tallied, the drive was deemed a success, bringing in a whopping 4,308 lbs. + 11 larger items that generated a tidy sum of $800.63 for the Pioneers.

From the comments of those dropping off donations, it seems another FunDrive may be needed in our future to help members continue to clean up and clean out even more! 

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