SEP 7: “Alaskan Adventure” Release/Signing

Book Cover: An Alaskan Adventure
Cover of the soon to be released book of memoirs by Frederick James Currier.

Fairbanks—A few years ago, Pioneer George Lounsbury stumbled across an unpublished manuscript written by Frederick James Currier who came to Alaska in 1894 to search for gold. Born in Wisconsin in 1860, Currier was always looking for adventure and found it while on a trip to Oregon to buy an apple orchard. When he met two miners about to depart for Alaska to seek gold and was invited to join them, the orchard idea was forgotten.

The manuscript is collection of "memoirs" covering the next decade of Currier's adventures as he sought his fortune, eventually leading him to prospecting on the Chena River in 1898. Lounsbury found the manuscript full of spellbinding accounts at the level of adventure and caliber of writing to be on par with any of the best Alaska adventure books.

In fact, Lounsbury felt strongly that this gem had to be brought to the public.

As a miner and descendant of an early miner, my interest and fascination with Frederick Currier's manuscript was easily spiked. His adventures are well worth reading more than once. There had to be a way to share this great story with other people. It took a lot of work, but the end is in sight.

And indeed, it is.

Entitled "An Alaskan Adventure: A Story of Finding Gold in the Far North from 1893-1903", the book was sent to a publisher after much work and a foreword written by Randy Zarnke, president of the Alaska Trappers Association. It will be released on Friday, September 7, 2018, at a signing party to be hosted by the Alaska Trappers Association at the Morris Thompson Cultural Center from 5 pm - 8 pm. The event will be attended by Currier's grandson and will feature a short stage play based on scenes in the book performed by local children.

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