Tourino di Pedroni 2017

Participant Pin for the first of many Pioneer Bocce Tournaments to come.

Fairbanks–On May 21, 2017, the Pioneers engaged in their first Bocce tournament, the Tourino di Pedroni (Pedroni Tournament in honor of Felix Pedro), hosted by Pike’s Waterfront Lodge. It was the Men’s Igloo against the Women’s with 32 individual contestants vying for the Grand Trophy. Sixteen men and sixteen women competed in their respective igloos in elimination brackets until there were winners for each igloo.

Winning the top berth for the women was Wanda Huber and for the men, George Dalton. A very close match, the ultimate victor and person securing the bragging rights for their igloo until next year’s competition was Wanda Huber. The trophy, off to be engraved with the 2017 winner’s name, much like the Stanley Cup, will be displayed with pride in the Stampede Room for all to oogle.

The event was well attended and participants cheered and jeered. Pioneers enjoyed a sumptuous brunch, movie, tournament and late lunch as guests of Jay Ramras, owner of Pike’s Riverfront Lodge in appreciation for the history nuggets and photos used in signage to impart the colorful history of some of Fairbanks’ most interesting early pioneering residents.

Everyone is encouraged to stop by Pike’s¬†Riverfront Lodge to walk the property and take in our fascinating history. And while there, you may want to practice for next year’s Tourino di Pedroni. If you see Jay, be sure to give him a hearty thanks.


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